Hello is it me you’re looking for?

The fact that anyone reads this blog always comes as a surprise to me, I originally started doing this because I wanted to keep some kind of journal but my handwriting is awful and I wanted to be able to catalogue it digitally in case I ever wanted to recall any of my past thoughts.

Years later I seem to have acquired a small following of family, friends and like minded individuals. I sometimes wish I had a four or five digit number in the followers field but for the meantime I am happy to keep this site local and ‘artisan’.


Habitual writing

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, normally my commitment span for any hobby is a couple of weeks top. Like many people I get it in my mind to do something and then my endeavor comes to a halt. Learning the trumpet or teaching orphans to crochet…month max, but I’ve been writing for nearly five years.

Plus this year I have so far completed a post a day as well. It’s like this has become a regular thing. You may even call it a habit.


2021 goals

That year has passed. We’ll chalk it up to the Earth just getting something out of its system. OK Planet, we hear you, can we all just calm down a little now and maybe without all the drama we can do something about it.

I have the feeling that will be the theme of 2021, doing something. Doing something about the pandemic (yay science FTW), doing something about the social issues that has caused populism to rise, and doing something to take back control of our lives.

This is my plan for 2021.