2021 goals

That year has passed. We’ll chalk it up to the Earth just getting something out of its system. OK Planet, we hear you, can we all just calm down a little now and maybe without all the drama we can do something about it.

I have the feeling that will be the theme of 2021, doing something. Doing something about the pandemic (yay science FTW), doing something about the social issues that has caused populism to rise, and doing something to take back control of our lives.

This is my plan for 2021.


Reviewing my 2020 Goals

No doubt about it, 2020 was bad. It started bad, the middle was bad, and despite some positive announcements recently it’s going to still be bad at the end. The opening year of the decade was obviously drunk and should go home.

At the beginning of each year I make my list of goals that I can discard by the time the Millennium Eye fireworks have finished. In a normal year I never seem to get close to meeting any personal target I have set myself.

2020 was not a normal year.

I did a lot of personal growth.