Shallow learning curve

In which I try not to think too much.

Lucy is a movie about Scarlett Johansson being the super powered femme fatale that is not constrained by living in the male-dominated Marvel universe. She gets to use all her brain and it turns out that let’s her do some pretty cool things. If I got to use all my brain I’m not so sure I’d want that power.

Apparently we only use 10% of the brain at the moment and that seems like plenty for what we need to do, any more than that and it has the potential for a lot of bad. I am able to get up in the morning and stumble around making a cup of tea on just 1% of my brain (as a Brit we have evolved tea making along with breathing and blinking) so what would I do with the rest of the neurons?

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Friday Hometime : Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over – The Charlatans

In which I celebrate the end of the work week with some music.

It is Friday and now the weekend is here let’s get it started with some music:
Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over
The Charlatans.

To carry on celebrating the end of the week check out the playlist below:

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The anger of singledom

In which I remember the fun of being single, and glad for the company.

I have a few “lonely” days coming up where Mrs G and the Feliciraptor are out and about and I’m to be left on my lonesome. Even though I am by myself I still don’t really feel alone, it has been a long time since I felt truly lonely.

There was a point in time before the Current Mrs G became the Future Current Mrs G where I had started to resign myself to a live by myself, all attempts at having a “Plus One” at social gatherings had failed and it seemed that I would forever be a bachelor boy.

While clearing out my old “I’m so angry at the world blog” I found one of the old pieces that I had posted and it is strange to think that I was that disgruntled at everything. I can reflect on this now I am no longer alone and it makes me glad that I made another attempt at asking someone out. I’m no longer that angry young(er) man. Instead of ranting against the unfairness of the world I’m now knee deep in family life.
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Hiding behind a screen

In which I ROFLCOPTER while Red Lady Dancing.

The biggest problem I face when I sit behind my keyboard is trying to make the symbols and syntax approximate close to my initial intentions. It has always been an annoyance that the typen word cannot capture nuance and tone.

More than once I have had to delete paragraphs because they didn’t come out as I intended. I have a sarcastic and dry humour that translates very poorly to the written word, it needs the inflection of voice and the rolling of eyes to signal that you shouldn’t take what I write to seriously.

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Wednesday Whee : Sukie In The Graveyard – Belle & Sebastian

In which I turn up the volume to start the downward journey to the weekend.

We have reached the middle of the week and to help celebrate getting over the mid week here’s this week’s whee tune:
Sukie In The Graveyard
Belle & Sebastian.

For more wheeness on a Wednesday check out the playlist below:

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Travelogue : American roads

In which I like driving in my car it’s not quite a jagwhar.

On one of my regular sojurns to New York we were taken on a road trip by Mrs G’s father, not the kind that involves an RV or a brush with the police, but a very nice road trip up Long Island to see some pretty towns, eat at a roadside diner and taste some wines.

Also to stop and look at trees, because I’m British and therefore the logic was that I should like trees. I had never shown any hint of arborphila or waxed lyrical about a magnificent birch but we were still going to stop in a layby so I could get my wood fix.


At one point, about 80 miles from Manhattan, it made me realise that living on such a small island this is almost all the way to London. Which is a place I would only consider getting to by train. Also to just go out and drive for a day is almost unheard of in England, a major tourist destination is never more than 20 miles away. But America is a big place and as such is allowed space to breath and that space is connected by the strangeness that are American roads.

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Whisper the baby is sleeping

In which I talk in hushed tones while my children gently sleep.

In the beginning we were sleeping in separate beds because, as Mrs G says, I’m a Stradivarius of sleep. I must have everything “just so” otherwise I can’t relax. Pillows and sheets have to be in a particular way, light minimised and sound below a whisper. Anything else and I drive myself mad and prevent the ability to drop off. So when Baby G was waking in the middle of the night it meant I had to start all over again.

Having a two month old baby was like having a broken alarm that was ready to go off at any point, with a 90% chance it being around 5am. In those first few weeks it was hard but every day started to get much, much, better than it was. Yet I was still at the limit of rest.
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Monday Alarm : Flash A Hungry Smile – Mystery Jets

In which I’m rudely awakened by some awesome music.

It’s Monday morning so your motivation to start the week comes from:
Flash A Hungry Smile
Mystery Jets.

For more tunes to drag you out of bed:

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Borrowed from the past

In which I borrow from my past.

I’ve been lazy recently. Anybody who has been following for a while may notice certain themes repeating themselves, in fact it may even look like I’m duplicating posts. I hope that appears to be the case as that is exactly what has happened, and that’s because I’m being lazy.

This liberal delving of the archives is not entirely what I had planned to do this year, I was all ready to write 100% new content. Then a new job happened, and a new child, and the craziness of the existing progeny. In the end my determination to post once a day overrode my ability to create anew.

So I have borrowed on more than one occasion.

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Sunday Lie In : Sweet Jane (With Affection) – Two Nice Girls

In which I laze in bed while listening to something a bit more mellow.

What could be better than a Sunday morning in bed? As I have a toddler I’llmjust settle for some good music:
Sweet Jane (With Affection)
Two Nice Girls.

For anyone else who may be up, or just lazing around you can find more music on my Sunday playlist:

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