Dad music

In which I am going to have CDs marketed to my children around father’s day.

I’m now of the age where I only know who is in the charts if I hear them on a TV ad.

Today was spent listening to ‘classic’ music from the 1990’s, I am a member of Generation X but we are being left behind in the alphabetisation of time. No more so than my taste in music which is certainly showing my age.

Here are a few of those albums that are stuck on my playlist to show I am too cool for those older, but to fusty for those below. This is obviously a reflection on my music taste and I therefore make no apologies for the quality.
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Isn’t it annoying don’t you think

In which things are ironic, don’t you think?

Time to feel old, because ‘Ironic’ by former Canadian God Alanis Morissette is about to turn twenty years old. Even though it is a song about misfortune rather than irony (as I’m sure it is aware to most people) it’s at least a great song about annoyances in life.

To celebrate I’m going to break out the songwriting handbook and have a stab at rewriting the lyrics. My rhymes and phrasings may be more Sondheim and Starkey but when has that ever stopped anyone?

So, to the tune of Ironic…Annoyance.

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