The greatest devils

In which I rank the lord of lies based on his most entertaining portrayals.

I don’t believe in the devil, he always seems a convenient excuse for human weakness. Blaming anything bad on some demonic being is akin to blaming that broken vase when you were younger on your imaginary friend screaming “But Beelzebub made me do it”.

Ignoring the theological problems of a high priest of evil being allowed to exist, there is something about how Lucifer is depicted on fiction that just makes him…well…pretty awesome.

Who were you rooting for in Devils Advocate? Keanu Reeves or Al Pacino? In fact I think its list time again…hey don’t blame me! Satan made me. So in no “power of Christ compels me” order my 6(66) favourite selections of the Devil.

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Easy Writer

In which something is only worth doing if it is hard to do.

When it comes to writing I’m full of a strange bravado, as I can hit the keys on my keyboard I feel that somehow qualifies me to be a writer. In the same way that I can swing a golf cup makes me Tiger Woods (well maybe Now-Tiger Woods not Then-Tiger Woods). This bravado is seriously misplaced because my style of writing is best described as “adequate”, and I’m happy with that because that is what I am aiming for.

It is easy to be “adequate”, play a little sports then you’ll be an “adequate” player, or maybe sketch a few pictures then you’ll be an “adequate” artist. If you only tune in a little to what your kids need then you are going to be be, if you are lucky, an “adequate” parent. If you want to be good at something though…

…that’s going to be hard.

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A playlist for my life

In which I make a mixtape of me.

How do I choose a playlist of my life? I have a flexible arrangement with music, I listen to it but don’t really pay much attention to what it’s saying (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would say I do the same with them) so I can barely remember what tracks were playing during various parts of my life.

So if I was to try and create a mix tape that acts as a audio-biography I’m going to struggle. So struggle I shall, I’m going to pick six tracks which say something about me and try and sum up me in around 30 minutes of music.
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A bit dusty in here

In which I’m just cleaning out my eyes with tears.

As a British male I have to hide my feelings, it is the stoic attitude which has led our emotionally repressed nation to greatness. Even being peppered sprayed in the face is an unacceptable time to cry, however there are few moments where I’ve had a huge piece of dust itching my cornea and I’ve had to moisten my eyeballs.

Strangely these mostly happen during movies, I think cinemas must need cleaning a bit more, and most recently during Pacific Rim where the tears rolling across my cheeks may have been those of joy. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and after a few crazy weeks was a fantastic release of emotion at a movie full of fun.

This was the first film that made me weep with joy, mostly I get hit by sentimentality. I’m a sucker for a scene of sweetness and brass soundtrack, it seems to hit me right in the Stevenus Spielbergium (the part of the brain that detects sentimentality). Here are a few of those scenes. Continue reading “A bit dusty in here”