Wanting to be the villain

In which I want to play the bad boy.

Being a somewhat occasional amatuer thespian (not to the point where I am out every night as once a week rehearsals are my limit, I like to see my family from time to time) there are a number of juicy roles to be trod on the boards.

All the roles I covet have something similar about them, the first being their musical roles. For all the will in the world I am never going to be a singer, I am more deaftone than baritone, so why would I want to play I role I can never do justice to?

It may be due to wanting to play the crazy, mad, and bad guy.

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Dad music

In which I am going to have CDs marketed to my children around father’s day.

I’m now of the age where I only know who is in the charts if I hear them on a TV ad.

Today was spent listening to ‘classic’ music from the 1990’s, I am a member of Generation X but we are being left behind in the alphabetisation of time. No more so than my taste in music which is certainly showing my age.

Here are a few of those albums that are stuck on my playlist to show I am too cool for those older, but to fusty for those below. This is obviously a reflection on my music taste and I therefore make no apologies for the quality.
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The inflatable boy and other jokes

In which I stand side by side with comedy greats, and they ask what am I doing there.

Comedy is a very subjective thing, what I find funny and what you find funny may complete polar opposites. For example I like well written situation based comedy with genuinely funny actors and actresses, that isn’t afraid to introduce new themes and push the boundaries. And you may hate ‘My Family’.(THAT IS A JOKE…NO ONE LIKES MY FAMILY! – For an American Audience imagine that My Family is replaced with “Two and a Half Men”)

I thought I would tell you a joke, but I can’t seem to think of one, so instead how about I show you some of the great exponents of comedy?

So here are a few of my comedy greats (with evidence).

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GeekErgoSum: A music review

In which I review this site by looking at some influences.

It is hard to categorise this site sometimes, it’s partly the reason I am half way through retagging and recategorising everything on here. The noise it makes it not harmonious and is often discordant.

You would expect a piece such as Geek Ergo Sum to have a theme, an underlying harmony, but instead it seems to be a random collection of hits. And by hits it is more like the discarded B-Sides from pieces that never made the Top 40.

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Choosing my favourite accent

In which my life is narrated over a series of 1 CD.

I have no idea what my inner voice sounds like, I can sit here trying to think but I’m not sure the noise in my head has any accent. I’m not sure I have any accent.

I know this is completely untrue as I sound very different from the New Yawk of Mrs G, and it is quite clear that I have a British accent. But it is a British and not necessarily regional accent. I can be placed by my use of words such as ‘batch’ and ‘mardy’ not the way I say them.

To hear someone read what I write I would have a plethora of options as none of this has been written with a voice in mind.

I could choose to go with some of my favourite accents as this would make it more enjoyable to listen to. I could go with the New York accent that is a bonus from Mrs G.

Maybe I could go for my other favourite American accent which is the Lousiana drawl. This was partly the reason True Blood was like TV catnip to me.

Looking a bit closer to home I am a sucker for the lilting tones of the Welsh, I went to university in Aberystwyth and was surrounded by it. I will even make special calls to the DVLA to speak to their call centre in Swansea.

As a Brit though we have only one go to person for all our voice work, a man who is synonymous with the written word originating from the land of Shakespeare.

Mr Steven Fry.

He can do my clever posts, as well as my angrier ones.

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

Source: Voice Work

Children falling over are funny

In which I find toddlers tumbling too funny.

I am a terrible person, what I find funny is pretty horrible. This is not about me finding something horrendously macabre hilarious, I am not that callous, but the subject of my mirth is a touch unfeeling.

A good example of this was a few weeks ago when The Felicirpator was moving cushions around her Grandma’s front room. She had placed one on the floor and then started to wander around looking at the ceiling. It was obvious what was going to happen.

As she tumbled over the mislaid furnishings I was unable to resist. For some strange reason children falling over is my weakness, and for some strange reason I find it unbearably funny.

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With all due respect

In which I completely adhere to the rules.

A daily post topic on being snarky? How will I even be able to bring myself to write three hundred words in a slightly sarcastic manner. If anyone thinks that I get snarky then I do apologise.

In fact I’m surprised that my love of sarcasm doesn’t get me into more trouble. For those who say it is the lowest form of wit I always think that regurgitating that quote provides there is still room to go.

I’ve recently been given a lot of parenting books that turn the snark up to eleven. With titles like “Let’s Panic About Babies!” or “Go the F**k to Sleep” they were never going to be useful, but at least they are fun. That is the great thing about snark, at least you can have a laugh.
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I love rock and/or roll

In which I rock and or roll.

Last night I watched Rock of Ages and it’s not an awful movie by any means, Tom Cruise is pretty good at what I imagine is someone high on thetans, but what really made it was the music. It was 80’s hair band-tastic.

The trend for Jukebox Musicals has given us Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You and I’m sure one based on Milli Vanilli. It seems that Rock of Ages is based upon the CD that get’s advertised every Father’s Day, the “Greatest Rock Guitar Riff Album in the World Ever III” and although the story is a load of turgid nonsense its soundtrack is amazing. What is it about rock and roll that gets feet tapping and starts a furtive rummaging for a lighter?

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Music for dads

In which I get down to some 80s Dad music.

Our home is a quiet home, the television may be on but the house is not bouncing away to any particular tune. I enjoy music but it is not on in the background, in fact I have only recently started to plug in my speakers while I cook dinner.

It’s unsurprising really as I didn’t grow up in a melodic household. Sure we had a record player but the needle was not really used. So it is hard to recall the music of my youth.

Still I know there were a few tunes that have stuck with me, I can tell this from those artists that are part of the guilty pleasures mix on Spotify.

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Childhood: Television

In which I tune in to my childhood television.

Baby G is starting to hit the age where she can be parented by the television. The combination of noise and flashing colours is enough to hold her attention whilst I am busy doing other jobs. I could provide a great education by switching on TLC but instead she can sit in front of Sky Sports.

When I was a lil’ ‘un we weren’t so lucky as to have a bajillion channels, and children’s TV was scheduled for the hour long slot after we got home from school (to give our parents enough time to cook). With the multitude of channels at our disposal we have 24 hours of kiddy programming. Most of which is tripe.

To be a child again would be great, if I could be six years old again I’d sit in front of the television and rewatch all my favourite shows. Although if it was the 1980’s again I could only do this for a few hours a day, because there was a lack of Netflix.

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