Heroes : Xander Harrris

In which I admire the least special of the Scoobies.

One of my greatest academic achievements was the load of psychobabble I once told a tutor about representation in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (nonsense about eyes, souls, outsiders, blah, blah). So I think it’s fitting that when thinking about someone who doesn’t get the credit he deserves Alexander LaVelle Harris sprung to mind.


For those not in the know about Xander Harris he is one of the original ‘scoobies’ and has been an essential part of the team that has prevented the Hellmouth from opening on numerous occasions.Yet his part in this is often overlooked due to his normalness, he is the archetypal everyman on the periphery of the action. He is the representative of the viewer, watching but not involved.

That is why I am glad I have got the opportunity to interview the Shaggy of the Slayer-Scooby Gang
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