I write because…

In which I’m not sure why I type a few hundred words a day.

When I started this blog, and the one that came before it, it was because I was looking for inspiration, although I still don’t know what I want to be inspired to do. Initially I started writing these posts for two main reasons:

  • To vent some of the pressure and anger I was feeling,
  • Something to do

My previous attempt to start a blog seemed to sway more to 1 than 2 and became more of a chore than enjoyment, and I don’t enjoy chores (seriously – I need to really do some vacuuming at home). Most of us will only have 36 million minutes on this planet so even to waste 60 of them each night not having fun seems a bit of a waste. It also seems to be a bit foolish to spend my time ranting to the environs of the internet rather than actually trying to resolve the problems in reality.

Yet, I still want to do this.

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Diverse styles of writing

In which I refuse to be drawn to a particular genre.

I was playing around on the internet and stumbled upon the website “I write like” (https://iwl.me/) and had a bit of a play to see who it would match me with. After sticking in a few of my recent posts I am apparently a mixture of Anne Rice and HP Lovecraft.

I was unaware that my missives on beds, babies, and office temperatures was in the same genre of Interview with the Vampire and At the Mountains of Madness. Is there something similar in my rantings to the gothic imagery of Anne Rice or the impending horror of Lovecraft?

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WordPress for Numpties

In which I provide terrible advice for those who have never heard of WordPress.

Cover of "WordPress For Dummies"

For the last week I have been reading the excellent WordPress For Dummies, partly to get more ideas on how to run this blog.

So what have I learnt about how to use this blogging platform? I thought I was fairly adept at it all until I go to the section on coding. I know nothing about code, with the exception of a bit of VBA so I had to stop after chapter five (I’ve added PHP For Dummies and CSS Web Design For Dummies to my list though!)

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Habitual writing

In which I continue my daily posting habit.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, normally my commitment span for any hobby is a couple of weeks top. Like many people I get it in my mind to do something and then my endeavor comes to a halt. Learning the trumpet or teaching orphans to crochet…month max, but I’ve been writing for nearly five years.

Plus this year I have so far completed a post a day as well. It’s like this has become a regular thing. You may even call it a habit.

Maybe that’s what writing currently is for me, just a habit. I’m reaching the point where I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t make it to December 31st. So even with prompts to write where I am not totally motivated I still put fingers to keys.

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Open bracket comma close bracket

In which, I, being me, use the comma, way, too, much.

I have an interesting relationship with Mrs G due to my interesting relationship with the English language. I love both but sometimes have a strange way of showing it. In terms of my affection for my native language I demonstrate this by my liberal use of punctuation.

If there is the slightest opportunity to throw in a non alphanumeric character I will take it. Comma, question mark? I will use it even if it is as reviled as the exclamation mark!

Still I have my favourites, and most of my writing (whether personal or professional) will include them…and I have used them all in this one sentence.

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Writing by hand on my screen

In which I still use a pen but don’t use ink.

I got caught out in a meeting today, I normally take just a laptop in so I can make my notes digitally. I know that having a notepad but makes you look more attentive than typing behind a screen but my own handwriting is terrible for reasons I gone through before (Why I never use pens).

I like to live in a world where technology is making my life easier, it helps iron out the faults in myself. My handwriting is terrible, as in doctor-terrible, it is barely legible as I write let alone having to review later. If I can get away with putting my scrawl to something then I do.

I would rather use anything else than a notebook, to which all the purists will shudder, and will even use a mobile than a pretty Moleskine. Take this post, as I am on the train home (and then going away for the weekend) I have two alternatives to writing. I can find a piece of paper and type it up later, or use a 5.2 inch screen.

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