My Life : The Soundtrack

In which I listen to the latest album of my life.

There is an argument that there is nothing sadder than a great artist that has decided to settle and continue to rehash the same music time after time. No growth and no pushing the boundaries.

So most artists change, and they lose their fans, it’s too different and not what people are wanting or expecting. In short new albums are disappointing because what we really want is what we had.

So it’s just great that the latest work from Mr and Mrs G is just that, their ‘Last Weekend’ may be a rehash of their greatest hits but that is just what their fans wanted.

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A universe of wonder

In which I try to sum up the amazingness of reality in a century of words.

Existence is amazing, the sheer ridiculousness that we emerged from generations of humans that evolved from a pool of amino acids. A soup made from the elements that coalesced from a ball of gas spinning in the darkness of the universe.

Our own star gives us light, but the carbon we are made of is from the hearts of a supernova. A billion years of celestial happenstance has allowed us to happen upon this rock we call home.

Which is why my mouth drops whenever I get cut up by idiot drivers, they’re wasting the oxygen provided by dead stars.

In exactly 100 words creatively describe one moment when your mouth dropped open, chin hit the ground, and tears rolled down your face (figuratively or not). If you prefer to develop this into a longer post, that’s fine too!

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, T. Dwella!

I’m dog tired

In which I am so tried I end up writing about a random series of words.

Today has been one of those days, not that I have a lot on my plate but a day where it has been a bit of a struggle. Sometimes I’m in danger of providing too much information on this site so I’m going to give a warning, skip the next paragraph if you have an aversion to ick.

It started at 4.30 this morning when I found my nose bleeding like someone had poured a bottle of raspberry syrup up there while I was sleeping. This is not the start you want for the day, mostly because it is too damned early to be remembering to tilt your head back or stick a key down your back to stem the flow.

So today I’m tired, really tired, so when I see a random writing prompt arrive in my Google mailbox asking me to be creative I start to think how can I find the energy to do this?

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A reduction in writing

In which I reduce my content by 50%.

I live in a world without a delete button, or come to think of it a pause button. I also seem to be lacking a mute button as well to the chagrin of others. When I sit down to talk about anything I am going to go full flow with a lack of control or the ability to go back.

I should go back; too many times I go past the point where I should stop and push the limits of conversation. My biggest problem is that I want to be concise and erudite but when provided with a blank canvas I can’t contain myself and just end up carrying on and on and on….

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Talking around the rainbow

In which I talk through all the colours.

We are in the middle of April which means that we are in the midst of the rainy month, and this is reflected in the RED mornings. From now until May there will be an absence of delighted shepherds with the storms normally queue themselves up to batter our Isles.

This country may be famous for its greyness, and it is true that the cloud and drizzle has the ability to suck away colour like a climate dementor, but it will still glow ORANGE with the illumination from the street lamps fizzing against the drab cityscapes.

Mrs G is struggles with winter in this country, she is still not used to the long nights that the more northerly latitude provides. Even at lunchtime the Sun’s YELLOW rays barely penetrate through the gloom, the sky lightens from black to a light charcoal like the faded shirt of a rocker who has been wearing the same AC/DC shirt for the last twenty years.

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