Explaining the class system

In which I look down on him but up to him.

I’m proud of the history of this nation, for such a small island on the corner of the continent we’ve punched above our weight consistently since the Armada sank beneath the waves. We looked forward and developed the modern age with the industrial revolution, then all of a sudden we stopped. Once we had peaked the powers that be panicked and became concerned that the ‘ordinary’ folk would upset the upper classes. For the past century class warfare has been at a peak, and it’s time we stopped worrying about who we were born to and more about what we were born to do.

Mrs G is fascinated by the British attitude to class, coming from the more meritocratic US she is amazed that we have an upper chamber of white elderly men who are there because their forefathers either had lands or the favour of a monarch. Nobody has chosen the Lords other than generations of royalty and politicians who are repaying large donations or playing for political points. These are the toffs, they speak with their plummy accents and very rarely will have been someone who could be classed as “working class”.
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