I’ve finished updating

In which I can draw a line under my blog’s “To Do” list

There are times when I start a project and I think it is not going to take that long to do. I will make a start and then it starts to drag and drag and eventually it becomes a chore I never seem to complete. I have to force myself to complete it.

Generally this applies to housework and any DIY, but today I have completed the mammoth task I began at the beginning of the year. I have finally completed the overhaul and update of my site.

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Deciding on how my blog looks

In which I CSS the hell of my site-header.

If a blog should be in a constant state of change to grow and survive then mine is like Japanese Knotweed. Since I first started all those years ago on Blogger there are two constants.

  1. I will delete a mass of posts on a whim.
  2. I will endlessly messing with how my site looks.

Being an eternal tinkerer means the temptation to switch the the latest and shiniest theme is great. The one problem is that means I spend more time on how the site looks than what it contains.

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Three blogs to read

In which I replay some of the posts you may have missed.

One of my worst blogging habits (and something I aim to improve next year, after all 2015 was about productivity!) is not reading enough of other’s work or leaving comments and likes. I’m a terrible blogger.

To rectify that I’ve been reading some of the posts from the last few days and picked out  a few on my reader list that I really think are great (not that if you are not here you are not great, this is why I hate including blogs here because of the amazing ones I have to miss out.)

In no particular order, a couple of posts you may have missed today:

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