Christmas wishes

In which I find a mysterious lamp.

Merry Christmas everyone, a quick little merriment from Casa-G before bedtime.

Three little wishes, not that I have the magic to grant them and even if I could I have issues over the fulfilment of our deepest desire without the pleasure of achieving them (but that doesn’t seem like a Newtonmas kind of post).

So to begin, my first wish…

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Wishing your life away

In which I’d wish for no wishes.

I should have worked harder on my exams, I shouldn’t have worked for that opticians, I shouldn’t have gone to try University a second time, I shouldn’t have worked in Oxfordshire, I shouldn’t have started supporting AC Milan, I shouldn’t have lost contact with the Nobber, I shouldn’t have done a lot of things. Wishing to change your life is easy but you know what is hard?

Trying to imagine your life if you had wished those situations to be different? If I had wished to have gone to Warwick Uni, never met the nobber, not took that job in Oxford. My life wouldn’t have been a little different, it would have been unrecognisable. I would not be sitting here typing this, I may not even be doing a blog. Who knows, I may not even be here. Having a wishful life is going to change your life for the worst as well as for the best.

Edith Piaf had it spot on, if I wish away the regrets in life then I have to rewrite the positive things that arose from them. I’ll let this man explain it:

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