Fantasy dinner party

In which I will be serving up scallops with a hint of pop culture.

Most of my dinner parties are fictional, I’m really struggling to remember a real-life one I’ve either attended or hosted. I’m not sure what this says about myself, perhaps I am on a list of wanted dinner guests…least wanted. So without a real one to get a bottle of wine for, I may as well host one for a bunch of imaginary diners.

Invites have been accepted and dinner is ready to be served, so please allow me to introduce my guests (if you can’t guess already):

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People I want to be

In which I wish I could be the sum of other’s parts.

Jim Rohn (a guy I’ve just had to find about on Wikipedia) once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Based on that I’m looking at being a hybrid teacher/baby/work people. This would make me someone who sits behind a desk all day, has to tell people about stuff they don’t know and wants to eat and sleep all day.

Instead of dwelling on the circle I have (which is a pretty good circle), what if I could change that? What if I cold create a group that would make me an even better person? So that’s what I’m going to do, I am going to let my social imagination run riot and pick from the real and not-real world and select my new averages.

Looking at the list I chose, I’m going to be pretty badass.

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