Lunchtime review : Vitamin pills

In which I hit my RDA but it tastes terrible.

The Menu.

Ingredients: Bits of rocks.

Preparation: Close eyes and swallow.

Cost: A complete waste.


Politicians are at it again, this time they are claiming that we eat too much meat. I made a pact with vegetarians that they can have my greens and in return I will eat the cooked flesh of animals. It’s the circle of life and all that malarkey.

As a humanist I believe that evolution has led me to eschew the eating of plants and resulted in humans filling a new niche, primarily that of eating barbecue. I’ve never seen a slug eat a burger but they seem pretty fond of lettuce, to me that says there is less competition for beef so is a better natural selection.

The only issue with this is that science seems to still believe that I need nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This is a bit awkward as meat only has Vitamin Mmmmmm. What if there was a magic pill that I could eat to stop others from worrying about my nutritional intake?
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