A Valentines Carol – Part 4

In which I am visited by a third spirit.

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The third spirit


A crawling feeling woke Scrooge up, and after checking on WebMD decided that it was either ebola, the effects of stress or a potential infestation of spirits.

The sight of the night’s final ghost led to him eliminating stress.

“What do you have to tell me spirit? What sage words can you offer me?”

The spirit did not reply.

“Why do you not talk spirit, do you bear grim news?”

The spirit did not reply.

Scrooge grasped the spectre by the shoulders and shook him “What vision do you have that you cannot bear to speak?”

Slowly the spirit raised his hands towards his face, and took his earphones out.

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A Valentines Carol – Part 3

In which I am visited by a second spirit.

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The second spirit.


“Oi, wake up.”

“Eh, what, who is that?”

Blurrily Scrooge awoke to come face to face with the second spirit.

“I am the ghost of Valentine’s Presents” the spirit proclaimed proudly, “First some ground rules, no puns and we are going to get this chapter done in the style of Twitter.”

valentines_scrooge: Okay

GhostVPresents: @valentines_scrooge Excellent, Valentine’s is about demonstrating your love #truemeaning #valentines

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A Valentines Carol – Part 2

In which I am visited by the first spirit.

<—–Part 1

The first spirit.


With these words echoing still around the house, like a conversation on Skype, Scrooge retired to bed. Immediately he fell asleep to keep the length of this story down.

As he lay in fitful slumber, a noise awoke him.

“Whose there?” Scrooge asked nervously.

“Who’s there” came the reply for, unlike the writer of this story, the first spirit was a stickler for good grammar. “’Tis I, the spirit of Valentine’s past come to show you things about your childhood that are pertinent to the current feelings you have about this time of year”.

As the spirit said this the room grew foggy.

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A Valentines Carol – Part 1

In which romance was dead: to begin with.

Romance was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of it’s burial was signed by the clergy, the media, the government, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it. And Scrooge’s name was good upon ‘Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Romance was as dead as the flowers you get from a garage.

Scrooge was a miserly and grumpy sod, his chief dislike of Valentine’s day came from the soppy behaviour of others on this special day. And also the crass obligation people feel to buy stuff for others, his two dislikes were soppiness and obligations; and the constant coverage it seemed to get on the internet. His three dislikes were soppiness, obligation and bloggers; and teddy bears holding hearts.

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Not doing Valentine’s Day

In which I don’t need to buy a card.

It is Valentine’s Eve in Maison-G and there are no last minute panics about tomorrow. No rushing out to the garage for flowers or desperately trying to find some thick paper to print off a home card.

It is because we don’t do Valentine’s day, and not just because we are married, we have never even attempted to do it. We didn’t even rely on the excuse of being separated by the Atlantic, thousands of miles of water are not the reason we don’t buy overpriced chocolate or twee cards.

Although some cards are awesome

Now that we are married we get the chance to be all romantic on Valentines Day, but we get to something a lot more fun. We get to ignore it.

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