Heroes : Xander Harrris

In which I admire the least special of the Scoobies.

One of my greatest academic achievements was the load of psychobabble I once told a tutor about representation in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (nonsense about eyes, souls, outsiders, blah, blah). So I think it’s fitting that when thinking about someone who doesn’t get the credit he deserves Alexander LaVelle Harris sprung to mind.


For those not in the know about Xander Harris he is one of the original ‘scoobies’ and has been an essential part of the team that has prevented the Hellmouth from opening on numerous occasions.Yet his part in this is often overlooked due to his normalness, he is the archetypal everyman on the periphery of the action. He is the representative of the viewer, watching but not involved.

That is why I am glad I have got the opportunity to interview the Shaggy of the Slayer-Scooby Gang
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Late Review : Mysterious Cities of Gold

In which the fun has just begun.

Now I have a child I want them to experience some of the amazing (or what I consider amazing) items from my childhood. So I’ve decided to reminisce about my life as a youngster and all this week is childhood week on Geek Ergo Sum. It also ties in nicely to my Disney tunes.

I was flicking through the various programmes on Amazon Prime yesterday when I hit a rich vein of nostalgia. Among the He-Man, Thundercats and other Eighties shows was the greatest of them all. Mysterious Cities of Gold.


As children we all grew up pretending to be the heroes or princesses we saw on television, but I grew up wanting to be an inanimate object. I wanted to the golden condor from Mysterious Cities of Gold.

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People I want to be

In which I wish I could be the sum of other’s parts.

Jim Rohn (a guy I’ve just had to find about on Wikipedia) once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Based on that I’m looking at being a hybrid teacher/baby/work people. This would make me someone who sits behind a desk all day, has to tell people about stuff they don’t know and wants to eat and sleep all day.

Instead of dwelling on the circle I have (which is a pretty good circle), what if I could change that? What if I cold create a group that would make me an even better person? So that’s what I’m going to do, I am going to let my social imagination run riot and pick from the real and not-real world and select my new averages.

Looking at the list I chose, I’m going to be pretty badass.

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Hereos : David Attenborough

In which I honour a TV legend

As a child there was one job I thought must be the greatest in the world, you got to travel and see amazing things, entertain and educate others and seem to have an all round great time. As a child I wanted to have the job of Sir David Attenborough. Perhaps subconsciously that’s what led me to try doing both a zoology, and then a media production degree. After all surely learning how to make TV programmes and being an expert in animals is the right way to go about it?

David Attenborough has been on British TV screens for so long, and has played such an important role in our media culture that (even though not dead) he deserves some form of celebration of his life. Rather than try to convince you how good he is, I thought I would just let his actions speak for him.

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Late review : Strictly Come Dancing

In which I give it a seeeeeeven.

Elf has never done it for me, I think its my aversion towards Will Ferrell. It’s also for that reason I am not fussed about Anchorman or it’s sequel. The only time I have been able to stand him in a movie is when he played it straight in Stranger than Fiction. The same applies to Jim Carey, I don’t find him funny but thought he was brilliant in The Truman Show. This means that for me Christmas isn’t impending when I see this movie.

The real countdown to Christmas begins with a TV show that concludes in the last weekend before the big day. It puts the sparkle into the holidays and, while not being the most manly of programmes, is full of fun and cheer. That’s right ladies and gents, tonight is the first episode of the camp-as-Butlins Strictly Come Dancing.

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