Being good at Excel is a skill

In which I show off my INDEX/MATCH rather than a VLOOKUP.

I made Mrs G very happy last night by demonstrating some of my talented finger skills, I was able to do something within a few minutes it would have taken her a while to do if she had been left to her own devices.

She has many skills, and being an English teacher is one of them, but when it comes to spreadsheets I rule the roost in Casa Ergo Sum. I live in a world of Excel and various analytics packages so when it comes to messing around with a simple table of data I can do it with my eyes closed (of course they are open as otherwise I couldn’t build the pivot table).

I generally kick and scream about being labelled as the number’s guy (or more recently the data monkey) because that is not what my job and skills are about. Just as an economist is not someone who just looks at the economy a data analyst isn’t just about the data.

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