The struggle of getting up

In which I repeatedly press snooze.

It may be a rarity but I got a bit of a lie in today, and on a school day.

As a result Mrs G kindly suggested we could change the time the alarm goes off, instead of 6.15am we would now be woken at the more sociable 6.30am. How extremely decadent of us. The one nice aspect was not having the normal morning rush, from the time I drag myself from bed I have barely half an hour before I am required to walk out of the door for the commute to work.

Of course this 30 minute rush could be extended if I didn’t have a snooze button, instead when the following tune goes off at 6.15 I start pressing the “Five minute’s more” button:

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Read me to sleep

In which I drift off to a good book, or Life of Pi.

I have four bookcases with 600 books. They range from a history of the bible to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson via Marx and bridges. From Roald Dahl to Jose Saramago through Hugo and Melville. Like everything else in my life there is an eclectic mix of topics. Also like everything else they are just sitting there collecting dust.

I was once able to set myself a target of reading fifteen books a year, and could achieve that. A combination of plenty of alone time and a comfortable toilet seat meant I could power through a book in a week or so. Now I seem to take an age just to get through a chapter. I love reading, but what can I do to read more?

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Travelogue : The land of Nod

In which I can’t get no sleep wherever I am.

The most inconvenient part about going on holiday is that often the places you want to go to are so far away. This means that you have to adjust to a completely different time zone which takes, well, and time to get used to. Rather than seeing all the sights of the Far East I am spending my time dozing on the Beach in the Land of Nod.

It affects me quite hard, I have sat wide awake in a hotel room in central Shanghai at 4am thinking about how I should be sleeping, while my body is arguing that it is only twenty past nine at night.

I know that come 8pm China time I would be falling into bed exhausted from a days sight seeing, yet it will be more likely that my messed up body clock will grind to a halt midday as it thinks that I should be tucked up in bed back in England.
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