Images of old thoughts

In which I visualise some of my inner thoughts.

Pic-last place

While tidying up my folders I found a number of old pictures that I drew for Angry Fairy Tales, ones I thought I had either misplaced or deleted. None are profound or particularly insightful, which I guess makes them perfect for sharing on Facebook. All they need is a minion.

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Talking out Loud

In which I talk to myself and ask him to shut up for a bit.

I really enjoy working in marketing, as a numbers kinda person it is so easy for me to be placed in a team of ‘like minded’ individuals who may have a similar set of technical skills but a differing level of competence in the social.

Not that I’m knocking ‘number people’, I’m from that tribe, but I get looked at strange enough by the ‘zany’ (I heard this word for the first time since 1995 this week) in marketing so sometimes my dialogue can seriously disturb those in finance.

I’m also now in a big enough team that I can be shared around. I will be the first to admit that I can be a bit much sometimes, in fact most of the time I’m fed up of hearing me speak. Others are lucky as they can stick in headphones, poor me has got my inner Geek Ergo going all the time.

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