The tale of The Nobber

In which a friend is an unfriending waiting to happen.

This blog is made of stardust, it is the remains of numerous other starts at writing. One of these was Angry Fairytales, an attempt to use my creative faculties to get me out of a funk. This was caused by a combination of two factors. A Princess and a Nobber. The Princess I have resolved my issues with, but I still have never dealt with the other party.

A few people read this blog, some of those I know (Hello) and some I don’t (Hello as well), but I am pretty sure about those who never pay these missives any mind. It is not as though I am speaking to them anyway, what though if I was? What would I want to say to you?

Well that is one thing…

If when you have read this you would like to hear about Mrs G’s similarly friend relates woes then you can check out her tale at Across the Wide Ocean.

Dear Nobber,
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Wanting to do a Best Man speech

In which I would like to thank the Bride and me the Groom.

After writing the tale of The Nobber and the saga of the Best-Man demotion I did realise the one thing I was most disappointed at regarding the whole saga. Not being able to do a Best Man speech.

I’ve been blessed with the confidence to stand up in front of others and talk, and I get a real kick out of doing it. When the chance to perform to an audience arises I may act all coy to begin with, but that is my natural Britishness coming out because I don’t want to seem to eager to put my hand up and do something I might be good at.

Being denied this opportunity was the one part that hurt the most, in fact during the demotion process I was once asked by the Future Mrs N to submit my proposed speech for approval like it was some kind of financial promotion for an insurance company. There was no way this was going to happen as it breaks the sacred bond between groom and best-man, and probably added to the reasons for my sudden dismissal.

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Becoming the Nobber

In which I tell the tale of the friend who was there when I least needed him.

Movie clichés are amazing aren’t they? The way the same old trope comes up again and again, especially in science fiction. The indepth exploration of what it means to be human seen through the prism of artificial intelligence or a simulated reality. Of all the great clichés is the body swap, the chance to swap bodies with someone who is the polar opposite to yourself and look at the world through their eyes. I mean how different can you get from Jamie Lee Curtis (whose family sit in the House of Lords) and Lindsay Lohan?

So if I was to swap with someone, who would I choose?

I could go for the easy opt out here, and say “oh there is nobody else I would rather be than me” or go all around the houses and not make any decision. So in the interest of not doing that I’m going for a hard choice. I’m going to swap with “The Nobber”.

The Nobber?
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Hello to you in particular

In which I wish that you would read this, you know who you are.

The fact that anyone reads this blog always comes as a surprise to me, I originally started doing this because I wanted to keep some kind of journal but my handwriting is awful and I wanted to be able to catalogue it digitally in case I ever wanted to recall any of my past thoughts.

Three years later I seem to have acquired a small following of family, friends and like minded individuals. I sometimes wish I had a four or five digit number in the followers field but for the meantime I am happy to keep this site local and ‘artisan’.

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