Late review : The Hobbit

In which I go there and back again, and again, and again.

Doing a review of a recently released movie is fraught with peril. The chances are that not many people will have seen it yet so the likelihood of inadvertently divulging a spoiler is high. So I’m going to start of this review of the final part of The Hobbit saga with a huge big one.

If you see this movie it will spoil the whole of the Lord of the Rings.

There we go, that’s out of the way. I’m not talking about the shocking revelations that Sauron is back, or that Arathorn’s soon could become something special, but the fact that “The Battle of the Five Armies” is close to ruining the original trilogy and all the goodwill that they created. Thankfully is is the briefest of all visits to Middle Earth (which may be due to the fact is it based upon an A5 pamphlet). Continue reading “Late review : The Hobbit”