A not so scary view of the future

In which the future is like now, but with more crazy.

The future is a scary place full of strange unknowns. If history is the study of the past to stop the same mistakes happening then maybe it’s a failure, not only do the same mistake keep recurring but we manage to find new and amazing ways to mess everything up.

What if you could travel to the future? What would you be able to do? Everytime you thought you had changed something for the better there  would be unseen consequences that managed to speed up the hell-bound cart.

Still maybe I could try and predict the future, what harm can it do? In the last year the President of the United States said the ‘n’ word, rainbow flags were raised as others came down, and Donald Trump decided he wanted to build a wall round Mexico.

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Looking forward to the future

In which children are the future.

Three years ago we had just avoided the end of the world, it was a close run thing but it seems that either the Mayans or the Numpties were wrong. So now in 2015 life has moved a long way on since the end of times.

On one hand world events should not leave us with a lot of optimism, but it’s nearly Christmas and in the last three years I’ve gained a lot. This makes me think that if my life is on an upward trend, and by the time 2018 rolls around no matter what else is going on I’m hoping my world continues to be good.

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Days of future future

In which my life line shows that I won’t have my palm read.

The one thing we can be sure about the future is that it’s not happened yet. That makes it a terrifying prospect but also extremely exciting, as much as things can go right/wrong they can also go wrong/right. All I can do is what for the future to appear.

To be told what my future is going to be I would need to look to my past, and even if I go back five years to the turn of 2010 my future looked very different to what my present has become. So what could my life be like in the next five years?

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