Late review : Strictly Come Dancing

In which I give it a seeeeeeven.

Elf has never done it for me, I think its my aversion towards Will Ferrell. It’s also for that reason I am not fussed about Anchorman or it’s sequel. The only time I have been able to stand him in a movie is when he played it straight in Stranger than Fiction. The same applies to Jim Carey, I don’t find him funny but thought he was brilliant in The Truman Show. This means that for me Christmas isn’t impending when I see this movie.

The real countdown to Christmas begins with a TV show that concludes in the last weekend before the big day. It puts the sparkle into the holidays and, while not being the most manly of programmes, is full of fun and cheer. That’s right ladies and gents, tonight is the first episode of the camp-as-Butlins Strictly Come Dancing.

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