Creative spreadsheet

In which I express myself via the medium of math.

When I was littler I never once said “When I grow up I want to use spreadsheets all day long”. It was never the goal to be stuck behind a screen looking at tables of data and working out what on earth it means.

I have a hard sell with the work I do, Mrs G will often say that I have the same title as Chandler from the classic TV series Friends (let’s talk about how old Friends is for a moment…it started in 1994, so for the Feliciraptor it is already 19 years old. The equivalent age gap for me would replace Friends with I Love Lucy). Yet I’m no executive specialising in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration, I’m just someone who happens to be good at reading numbers and relaying them back to others.

The only problem is with numbers you have no way to express yourself.

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