Stop blaming others for spoilers

In which I can see dead people like Keyser Soze.

This weekend I have managed to enjoy television afresh, normally I am unable to watch event TV at the same time as the masses so have to live in fear of the internet and spoilers. In the age of the internet spoilers seem inevitable, so what should be the etiquette around them? Is the burden of silence on those in the know or those avoiding the news? When is it acceptable to talk about something without fear of ruining the surprise?

Gone are the days where it was easy to avoid spoilers, before the internet all you had to do was look away from the screen when instructed or steer clear of magazines announcing the latest news about your favourite TV show. Then came fan sites which had ‘exclusive’ information on the future plans for a series, I remember avidly pouring over Buffy the Vampire Slayer sites in the hope of finding out what will happen to the Scoobies and whether Spike would be making a guest appearance.

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