Late Review : Skyrim

In which I get my Dovahkin on.

I spend my evenings in a grey landscape glistening with rain, such is life in the wastelands of Fallout 4. This is the latest game to suck me in with hundreds of hours of gameplay when I have none to spare.

I don’t like stress, yet I go for games that are nothing but. Not that I’ve regretted the end destination of the activities that cause the pain, but the journey of getting there.

Thankfully I have hobbies that let me take out some of the pent up rage and not store it all in the knots in my back (which is a good job as it is already full). Gaming is a great way to be able to turn on and tune out, and doesn’t create too much stress in the process (ignoring a few damaged PlayStations after some bad Fifa results). Previous to the radioactive plains of Boston I my go-to-game saw me adventuring the tundra of Tamriel, for I am Dragonborn and relaxed by scouring Skyrim for gold coins.

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