Midnight at New Years

In which I celebrate midnight by doing nothing.

I vaguely remember the dawn of the new millennium, I’m going to claim it was due to a heavy cold but being twenty at the time my memory degradation was more self-inflicted. I don’t remember going out for New Year’s Eve since then, and not because of alcohol.

I think that was the last occasion I revelled in the changing of the calendar, not that I really went party crazy before then. Instead of getting pickled I prefer to watch the fireworks, and that is just what I did last night.

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Faith as an atheist

In which I treat others as I would want to be treated.

I consider myself to be a pretty moral person. I don’t think about condemning anyone because of their beliefs and I don’t think I have the right to determine another person’s lifestyle. I think I am right in what I believe, but understand that others may have equal conviction of their own certainty.

Where do these morals come from, and have I been shaped by nature or nurture? What about those who don’t have the same beliefs as me?

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Christmas wishes

In which I find a mysterious lamp.

Merry Christmas everyone, a quick little merriment from Casa-G before bedtime.

Three little wishes, not that I have the magic to grant them and even if I could I have issues over the fulfilment of our deepest desire without the pleasure of achieving them (but that doesn’t seem like a Newtonmas kind of post).

So to begin, my first wish…

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Day seizing

In which Mrs G advises us all to Carpe some days.

It has been a little tense at Casa de Geek this past weekend, a number of factors has caused emotions to be a little frayed. It began when we sent our car off to have it’s annual inspection and the results came back fairly terminal. Rather than spending more money than it was worth on trying to make it roadworthy we decided to get rid of the vehicular money pit.

Added to this was the visit of Nana G from New York, not that she was a cause of any badness because she wasn’t but because it is a reminder to Mrs G of what she left behind in America to come and live here with me.

It was also half term so we got to spend extra time with The Feliciraptor but now we are both back at work it means less time with the ball of personality. All in all it has felt a little glum. Looking back though these ‘bad times’ are nowhere near being the ‘worst times’.

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Sonnet of life

In which I write a sonnet to my happy life.

Life in Casa G is a little strange at the moment. The Feliciraptor is away and life all of a sudden seems very different, as though this is what it would be like if she wasn’t around all the time. Added to this I work in the centre of Birmingham so get to think about when I lived there as a bachelor. It is strange to think that my life could have quite easily have been very different.

After having a few painful failures at trying to make changes to my life I finally found the right combination of people and time to make a big difference. In my old life I would have been looking forward to a weekend playing Rock Band 4 by myself, instead I am going with my wife to London and looking forward to my daughter returning from holiday.

That’s a pretty good life to be thinking about.

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The undiscovered celebrity

In which I avoid the paparazzi by being nobody of any fame.

Celebrities have it easy don’t they? They get to do jobs that most would love to have, and in return only get judged on their abilities and looks by the public that knows nothing about them and is comfortable with the kind of abuse that would see you in jail.

So why would you want to be a celebrity? What drives people to want their eyeballs fried by flashbulbs and the very hint of a fat cell condemned as though they are obese? Who would I be if I could have been a celebrity?

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Corporate cuddles

In which I join a company sanctioned hug and get a branded mug.

Tell us why you love us

Today we are having a corporate hug-a-thon where I am being asked to keep a record of the number of cups of tea I’m drinking and how many times I say ‘fun’. All the while being encouraged to fill in my log book of joy so it can be collected by a secret cabal of happiness makers for some non-nefarious reason.

Now that may come of sounding a little cynical, but I can never get on board when a company tries to make individuals feel better about their job by making us all sit around a campfire singing a customer service kumbaya.

Not that I am against such activities, but as a Brit I feel that I have an inherent cultural disdain when authority tries to implement fun on me. When the ‘powers that be’ try to get all touchy-feely it hits my ‘special spot’ and means that I repress the feelings of shiny with sarcasm and cynicism.

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Wear sunscreen

In which I impart my advice to the class of 94.

After just listening to the amazing Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) I’ve just though about what I would tell myself if I could go back to talk to myself while I was at school.

Back then I was a 14 year old not really knowing what I wanted to do and ready to lived a life where I have changed jobs numerous times, moved house twice, and had some not-very-good times and had some amazing time. What have I learnt? What pearls of wisdom can I dispense? What advice can I give?

Ladies and Gentleman of the class of 1994…
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How to celebrate good news

In which I react to good news.

I’ve had a good week full of good news so you would expect me to be running around like Marco Tardelli

In fact I’m more of a Denis Law.

For those unable to see the videos, or have no desire or knowledge of football celebrations, rather than running around screaming in ecstasy I’m playing it a bit more cool.

One of my favourite poems is If by Rudyard Kipling and one part resonates with me:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

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Feline like a cat

In which I sit in a sunbeam all day.

We are a zero-cat family, well that’s not necessarily true we are a zero-this-side-of-the-Atlantic family whereas Mrs G’s mother lives in a Three-line abode. Geddit, three-line. It’s feline but with three in, because she has three cats. In fact I should have mentioned that first.

I’ve agreed that should anyone but me organises it then the cats can come over because I don’t believe in animal cruelty and Mrs G’s two cats are terrorising the unfortunate incumbent feline.


These are the two terrors, Bella the aloof and rotund alpha cat on the left and Olivia the stupid cat savant who is as deadly a killer as Jean Reno or Smallpox.

They’ve been exposed to me for a week at a time so are used to me but an extended stay does make me worry about what they will think of me.
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