Why science matters

In which it is worth spending money to advance our knowledge.

A fridge with a pre-iPhone camera took a picture of a rock today.

How will this benefit me? Is it really important? Don’t we have better things to spend money on? These are a few of the arguments you’ll end up hearing about it, but flying past the planet (not in my name deGrasse Tyson) Pluto matters.

The best thing about modern science breakthroughs are just how far beyond the comprehension of the layman they now are. We have passed the territory of explaining why apples fall or we look a bit like apes and we are now in the realm of sub-atomic discovery. The type that requires years of intense, and to some expensive, research.

This is not science that can be made fun of, it’s not the kind of story that newspapers like about the tensile strength of a dunked biscuit, it is proper and hard science. It requires slingshots around planets to be able to direct a piece of metal towards a rock smaller than the moon millions of miles away (think how hard it is to throw a ball of paper in a bin across a room).

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Turn the world down

In which I would like to turn it to seven.

Can we stop living in a Spinal Tap world and turn it down from eleven, I just wish everything was not so loud. I’m sitting here feeling too warm and with a headache and would like to tone down life for a few hours. There is a lot to be said for living in a less brash world, and what I wouldn’t give to just get out of Oz and get back to Kansas.

Working in an office is a constant assault on the senses, they are not designed as a place to maximise employee well-being but to extract the most from the human network that has been installed. You don’t get juice from a lemon by stroking it gently and asking if it could be made more comfortable, you squeeze it…hard. What I wouldn’t give to have some of my senses squeezed a bit more gently.
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