Living in the now

In which I live in the now.

Living in the past is boring (as I already know the story), and living in the future is a waste of time (because you always hype it up and become disappointed at the result). If you really want to live then exist in the now, it’s where all the cool stuff is happening.

Earlier I was in Ikea, and later I’ll be in bed but for the moment I am in front of the television building in Minecraft. See, isn’t life just so Rock and/or Roll when you have all you diems carped?

Sitting here is no different from most other Saturday evenings, the pictures on the screen may change but it’s still my derrière on the sofa.

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A life in bed

In which I wish to be a bed tester when I grow up.

Apparently I am a sleeping Stradivarius, this is the opinion of Mrs G who is constantly frustrated at my crazy desire to obtain more than seven hours sleep. Given that this would be sixty minutes more a day it would only equate to losing a year and a half of awake time over the next forty years.

As an adult I currently operate on 85% of my preferred sleep time, with the rest of the day spent complaining that I am tired. Sleep and tiredness dominate my life more than any other Sims life based requirement (with the possible exception of bladder).

This weekend we will be able to catch up on some of the lost hours (and I know that Sleep-debt is a myth) but this will be offset by a later bedtime, but this weekend I’ll be able to regress to being a teenager again.

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Living a holiday life

In which I choose to live an easy life.

I always wanted an easy life but honestly did think I would get bored of it. As much as I like the relaxation and lack of worry I knew I would get bored of it. Calm waters seem to encourage me to go jump in and create waves.

I liked the hustle that being busy brings with it, dealing with difficult and challenging situations bought there own rewards. Now I’ve changed my mind, I’ve been worn down by the last few weeks and no longer have any fight  or appetite living an exciting life. All I want to do is tell people to go away and leave me alone unless they are either bringing me solutions or a bottle of beer.

I’m looking forward to the summer when I can have a few weeks off,  I’m going to spend three weeks where my only decision will be what do I want to eat and do I need another beer. In fact I think the answers are anything and yes.

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