I’ve finished updating

In which I can draw a line under my blog’s “To Do” list

There are times when I start a project and I think it is not going to take that long to do. I will make a start and then it starts to drag and drag and eventually it becomes a chore I never seem to complete. I have to force myself to complete it.

Generally this applies to housework and any DIY, but today I have completed the mammoth task I began at the beginning of the year. I have finally completed the overhaul and update of my site.

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This is a do-over

In which I send my regards.

At some point in the last few hours this site started to create iron.

Within a fraction of a second, the weight of this blog collapsed upon itself and went supernova. The resulting explosion has jettisoned the mass of hot gases that constituted content of this stellar site and left a tiny remnant of its past glories.

Once again Geek Ergo Sum is star-dust, with all the resulting elements floating around waiting to coalesce and reform into something new. The galactic circle of life continues as dust forms grains forms rocks forms planets. From the primordial depths of the internet new posts shall evolve, take shape and rise and fall with likes and shares.

In what seems like a regular annual occurrence I have taken a sledgehammer to this site and my posts. Whereas I would normally change a few categories, alter a featured image here and re-tag every post; this time I have gone for the ultimate change. I have removed everything…

As  a few hundred posts all vanish in the blink of an eye I can hear one voice cry out, and not be extinguished. That is the voice of Mrs G, who at this announcement will be rolling her eyes at me from behind the screen she is reading this on.

Maybe I didn’t drink enough water today, perhaps I had too much tea or the broken sleep is catching up on me. Whatever it was I had had enough. Not sure what enough I’d had too much of but I knew that I thought I knew it was enough.

And enough’s enough.

So I took down every post, picture, rant and embedded video and decided to start again. So this is post zero, well actually it is post one but you get the picture. Maybe the removal of all my content was a diversion from something else. It wasn’t but I just needed a segue for this:

As we tiptoe nearer this site’s shiny new era I will make a confession. I am going to make it easier on myself to get up and running, I am more a Visigoth than a vandal. As it stands there are 626 drafts that consist of those posts-not-yet-published and posts-that-were-but-now-are-not. Part of the rebirth exercise is to connect to the posts past lives and help save me time.

The four years I have been writing (and deleting) have, hopefully, helped me improve; so now I want to tidy up and republish some of the good stuff that may have been lost. It will also let me exorcise some of the not-so-good trash that I have on a regular basis produced.

So for those who were there at the end, I welcome you to a new beginning. For the rest, be glad you didn’t know what this site was like before it was gentrified.

Ladies and Gentlemen.