Lunchtime Review : Homemade Crispy Duck

In which I try pulling meat with a fork

The Menu.

Ingredients: Some bits of duck leg and a really hot oven

Preparation: Cooking at home

Cost: Free, we were given the duck


My sister would be jealous, she loves this stuff. So does Mrs G. In fact other than vegetarians I don’t know of anyone else who doesn’t like crispy duck. It’s one of those super-meats like bacon that are universally adored by those with functioning taste buds and an omnivorous diet.

There is a quirky fact about meat that as you cook it it goes from juicy (good) to dry (bad) but then something miraculous happens. It crisps up and becomes amazing. If you see any menu items with crispy in the description you know its going to be tasty. This doesn’t happen in the herbivore world, crispy apples are great but celery (despite it’s crispness) is rank.

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Ideas for bacon recipes

In which I prove that the best thing about bacon is that it makes all foods better.

There is no proper food that bacon cannot make better. Try it, Bacon & Sausage, Bacon & Steak, Bacon & Chicken, Bacon & Bacon. All works, all made better by the introduction of more bacon. Regular readers will know that for me bacon is an important part of my diet and what I consider a “freebie” (in the same way others consider celery or lettuce of no calorific value).

I will start with an important clarification, mostly what I am talking about here is what I call ‘proper bacon’. This is the kind that has more that 10% meat on and isn’t just fat. Not saying there is any thing wrong with that ‘bacon’ but it’s not ‘proper bacon’.

Bacon comparison between back and streaky bacon

To show you how versatile bacon is I have a few handy bacon recipes.
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