Finishing a book

In which I have no problem starting a book, just getting to the end.

There is no better way to motivate me than offering me a badge or trophy for doing something. Being given points for completing tasks or acting in a certain way can control the way I live my live. I am a scorewhore.

This morning I received an email from Goodreads telling me how close I was to reaching this year’s target of reading 12 books, and if I did achieve it then I would get a special badge to place on my profile. This sent me into a frenzy, I mean a badge for reading! Then the two people who view my profile will be able to see that years ago I read an awful lot.

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The Silmarillion

In which Eru gave the world light.

Life still seems to be cracking along at quite a pace and although Mrs G will claim that I spend an inordinate amount of time on the ceramic throne I just can’t get into any book at the moment. I’ve been reading book four in the Fire and Ice series since last summer and even though winter came and went I am still no closer to catching up with all the goings on in Westeros.

I am also in danger of breaking with one of my reading traditions.

Each year, in January, I will pick up an increasingly battered copy of The Silmarillion to read through once more. This is a tradition dating back to the release of The Fellowship of the Ring, a time when I began to devour any work of Tolkien that I could get my hands on.
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Read me to sleep

In which I drift off to a good book, or Life of Pi.

I have four bookcases with 600 books. They range from a history of the bible to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson via Marx and bridges. From Roald Dahl to Jose Saramago through Hugo and Melville. Like everything else in my life there is an eclectic mix of topics. Also like everything else they are just sitting there collecting dust.

I was once able to set myself a target of reading fifteen books a year, and could achieve that. A combination of plenty of alone time and a comfortable toilet seat meant I could power through a book in a week or so. Now I seem to take an age just to get through a chapter. I love reading, but what can I do to read more?

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