Dealing with people on lunch

In which I try to maintain my dignity while being blocked by old people.

After sitting next to someone on the train who thought it socially acceptable to play a noisy version of solitaire on their phone it’s time for me to reconsider running for Supreme Ruler of the World again. This way I can take action against those that irritate me by trebucheting them off the coast of Scotland into the ocean.

It can be difficult to create a law banning stupid people, especially through our current government as it would be like turkeys voting for Christmas, so I need to add a small amendment to existing laws and see what I can get away with. Thankfully I’ve just been out to lunch and know exactly what I want to ban.

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Putting up a political fence

In which I listen to what has been said and take it on board.

The events of the last few days have made me realise that there are many things I care about, but some I shouldn’t care about so much about. I’ve been either misguided or mistaken that my viewpoint and anger is valid if I am on the losing side, I should now shut up and put up and accept it.

I didn’t accept it, and I’ve not in the past. Even in the future I won’t privately accept it. Now things are different, I’ve found myself caring about arguing with others than my own family. I have a finite amount of energy and I no longer wish to expend it arguing on Facebook. Continue reading “Putting up a political fence”