A little bit of hope

In which I hope I can rhyme a few lines.

I was tempted to begin by deliberately antagonizing the nerdosphere and wishing them all “live long and prosper”. Today though is a day to rival even Darth Khaaaaaaan and not even James T. Skywalker could save use, even with the Millennium Enterprise.

To try and cheer myself up I can only hope that things will only get better so I thought it best to write down what I am hoping for.

In fact I’m going for the style of writing I have the most problem with. Poetry. Well actually what I have wrote is a semi-poem, although it fails on the main criteria of not rhyming. And if I know anything about poetry it’s that:

If it don’t homonym

It’s not a poem-a-nim.

Anyways, let’s talk about Hope.
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Travelogue : Cruising around the Med

In which I’m on a boat.

I like cruising around the Med

A poem by Geek Ergo Sum aged 37 and 3/20ths – written in semi rhyming free prose (and done on the train so no guarantees on the quality) and inspired by both a map of the Mediterranean and two weeks spent on a boat

PIC-Map of the Mediterranean

I like cruising around the Med,

I can do it from my bed,

You get to go on a great big ship,

The waves go up and then they dip.

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