I said hey, what’s going on

In which I use data to not prove very much.

Suggesting I look at my blog stats feels a little too much like work. As in real work, because my real job is as a Digital Analyst. I sit looking at pageviews and transaction funnels all day so when it comes to my own site I am quite unconcerned by it’s numbers.

My most visited post is (unknown or deleted), I have no recollection of what it was called or what it was about. I blame the post pruning I did at the Red Posting where I deleted 400-odd posts. Don’t worry they will be back, I’m just editing them and reposting them to a new audience.

This got me looking at the other popular posts on the site, could they give me any special input into what drives visitors to read some of my rants? Is there a trend that suggests I should write more about my lunch or focus on lists? What do my top posts tell me about this site and those who take the time to read it?

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