Not-Heroes : Frodo Baggins

In which Frodo fails to make the sacrifice he set out to make.

Returning home from the end of the last Hobbit movie Me and Mrs G had “that argument” again. Mrs G and me rarely argue, I would like to put this down to the fact we are very similar in beliefs and temperament so we have some kind of harmonious relationship, or it may just be that I’m right all the time.

Religion, politics, we are fine with even when we have polar opposite views. We accept that the other person has reasons why they would take the position they do. There is only one thing we can’t ever seem to see eye to eye over and that is whether Frodo Baggins is a hero.

Before I give considered reasonings I should do this in a scientific manner by presenting my hypothesis, so here we go.

Frodo Baggins is not a hero because he fails in the heroes quest, the task he is assigned he fails and then does not make a large enough sacrifice to redeem himself. Continue reading “Not-Heroes : Frodo Baggins”

Not-Heroes : Thomas Alva Edison

In which genius is 99 % stealing.

As a member of Team Tesla anytime I see an article flattering T.A. Edison my hackles start to rise. He may be eminently quotable but he is also one of those people who “won” history and therefore got to write his own record of events.

A recent Daily Post article has discussed how we can learn from Edison especially in his role as the inventor of the phonograph, a commercially viable lightbulb, and the motion picture camera. It was apparently all trial and error, which would be great if these claims were true.

Instead Edison was not:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Instead he was more:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found ways to steal or bully my best ideas from other people.”

The truth is that Edison was not someone who gave up, he was someone who imitated and claimed others work as his own.

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