Being a geek

In which I am comfortable with my nerdom.

I accept that I am a geek, heck my blog name declares it to be so. What I don’t understand is why many others can’t. My family and most of my friends make it sound like I should be ashamed of my social grouping. But I am not. Thankfully I have some awesome friends who do accept me for what I am.

I know fellow geeks (and nerds) who are made to feel that the fact they have obsessions that are not reported in the gossip columns or on trashy TV they are somehow lesser. I know the sons of Feanor, how is this different from knowing the names of the children of a z-list celebrity? I read fantasy novels, they read about their fantasy Mr Right.

Being a geek is only a matter of taste. There are computer, sci fi, gaming, movie, music, and sports geeks. Geeks tend to only spend time with others of a similar mindset. Just because they don’t ‘go out’ doesn’t mean they aren’t as social.

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The geek shall inherit

In which the geek shall inherit.

I spent many years thinking that I was different from others, mostly because very few seemed to share the same interests that I did. This was a time pre-Internet where the lot of the geek was to go out and find like-minded individuals (against the Geek Code article VII/b – “Thou shall not be inclined to meet new people”) or accept a life on hobby-solitude.

I could be a collector of ‘something’ as long as it was Panini stickers of footballers, and if I had an encyclopedic knowledge of any TV show there would be no outlet other than the odd question on a quiz. I could be obsessed by Jurassic Park but that was because of the dinosaurs rather than the exciting (if somewhat flawed) science behind it.

Until recently being a geek was being an outsider, all geeks felt like this until a few geeks decided that if they wanted a way of getting in touch with other geeks they would need to find their own way to do so.
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