I have a face for directions

In which strange people are always asking where to go.

I am a little confused I have something on my face, looking in the mirror I can’t tell if there are veins really close to the skin or if I have spots that look like little church markers. It is confusing because I seem to get stopped by a lot of people to ask for directions.

I do wonder if my face looks like a map because there is nothing else about my face that suggest I am a human sat-nav. My demeanour on the streets is the same as on a train, avoid eye contact and march purposefully towards my destination. Despite this public hostility I am still flagged down to provide assistance to lost travellers.

Last week while using my phone I provided the location of the large shopping centre in Birmingham. If I walk too close to a kerb a car will crawl up beside me and I have to tell them where to go. Even when abroad I am still treated like Google Maps.
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