Choosing the name Matthew

In which I explain why I am truly a gift.

With the arrival of Dino #2 in less than two months, Me and Mrs G have had to start thinking about names for the little one. I say start in the sense that we have already decided but it provides a nice little segue into this post. I favour the more obscure, like Loki or Stegosaurus, but family pressure means we have to go pre-Victorian. The main reason for giving them a slightly unique name is to make sure that when their name is called out in school they know it’s them.

At one point I was in a class of seven Matthews (due to the fact that in 1980 this was the most popular boys name in the UK) and to distinguish among ourselves we had to revert to surnames like we were a pre-teen version of Reservoir Dogs. It wouldn’t have been such a problem had Papa-G got my name right in the first place.

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