Having a crush on a TV character

In which some cartoons caused my first stirrings.

One of the complaints about modern TV and film is that characters are needlessly sexed up. Just take a look at some people’s reactions to the modern My Little pony, you would think we now have stripper ponies whereas the 80’s version was much homelier.

Even though my childhood was during a time of big hair and a zero Photoshop there were still plenty of pop culture icons to have a crush on.

The interesting thing about this list will be that it is the first time I have ever mentioned them, so there may be an awkward conversation tonight with Mrs G (especially as she has noticed my fervent typing). So, as with all my lists, in no particular order:

My childhood crushes (Crushii?)

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Late Review : Mysterious Cities of Gold

In which the fun has just begun.

Now I have a child I want them to experience some of the amazing (or what I consider amazing) items from my childhood. So I’ve decided to reminisce about my life as a youngster and all this week is childhood week on Geek Ergo Sum. It also ties in nicely to my Disney tunes.

I was flicking through the various programmes on Amazon Prime yesterday when I hit a rich vein of nostalgia. Among the He-Man, Thundercats and other Eighties shows was the greatest of them all. Mysterious Cities of Gold.


As children we all grew up pretending to be the heroes or princesses we saw on television, but I grew up wanting to be an inanimate object. I wanted to the golden condor from Mysterious Cities of Gold.

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