The normalcy of life

In which my life is a series of fortunate events.

There have been times in my life where it has felt completely crazy. I’ve only just started to experience the feeling of a settled life after almost five years of upheaval and constant change. I look around and this period of calm feels almost surreal.

Instead of reacting to anything that life can throw at me I’m starting to plan, the short-termism of the last few years being replaced by a long-term view of what I want to do, or be. I have felt like my life has been in one long sideways skid for so long that now I have straightened it out and got control back I am ready to put my foot on the accelerator again.

That feels odd.

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My life : The book

In which I reveal the novelisation of the movie of my life.

Mrs G is currently writing a book, and I think it’s going well but it’s all about feelings and adjectives and I prefer my literature with a few more maps illustrating strange locations and pop-up flaps.

She is looking forward to being a published author (as am I, I plan to be a trophy husband dedicated home keeper) but the act of writing a book is a long and laborious process and if life has taught me anything it’s that instant gratification is great and if a job takes ages to do then outsource it.

In the meantime I keep telling her that she has a great source of inspiration for a book, the nonsense I constantly come out with. Continue reading “My life : The book”

My Life : Review

In which I get to review the review of my life.

Very rarely in life do you get the opportunity to know someone truly amazing, an inspirational presence who makes everyone around them a better person just by the process of being in the same room as them. A person who you point out to others and say “that’s what I want to be when I grow up”.  I’ve yet to meet this person, I’ve not been lucky enough, but I do know some people who have. People who have met me.

As a result it is impossible to write a review of my life without having to resort to superlatives that would immediately diminish the awesomeness that my life has wrought on the world. It’s also very difficult to do this without the smile on my face at the snorts of derision from those who do know me will be making at that opening paragraph. Continue reading “My Life : Review”