Do you hear the people sing?

In which we will live one day more at these barricades of freedom.

Once a year we have to make sure Mrs G goes and sees the longest running musical in the West End. For as many years as she has lived she has seen Les Miserables.

Les Miserables Students take over a funeral
So that would be a small number of times then, eh Enjolras?

So once a year I get to go to New York, and I also get to see Les Mis but not necessarily in New York. This now means a trip down to Lahndan and pay half of the mortgage for a seat in the heavens behind a column.

It’s also my favourite piece of musical theatre and I was pretty happy with the movie version, not that Liam Neeson one as they didn’t even include “Do you hear the people sing”. Instead it seemed to be 19th Century version of ‘The Fugitive’ where some guy is on the run from the police but decides to hide by making a lot of money, becoming a politician and then being an adoptive dad. A bit like ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ but with urchins instead of Gary Coleman and no Marius screaming “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Enjolras?”

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Dad music

In which I am going to have CDs marketed to my children around father’s day.

I’m now of the age where I only know who is in the charts if I hear them on a TV ad.

Today was spent listening to ‘classic’ music from the 1990’s, I am a member of Generation X but we are being left behind in the alphabetisation of time. No more so than my taste in music which is certainly showing my age.

Here are a few of those albums that are stuck on my playlist to show I am too cool for those older, but to fusty for those below. This is obviously a reflection on my music taste and I therefore make no apologies for the quality.
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Playlist of my week

In which I decide to shuffle rather than repeat.

The past few weeks have been a little stressful, there have been some moments where I have wanted to cave someone’s head in and other moments that have had me feeling that life is grand. Thankfully I can listen to music most of the time to keep me calm and provide a soundtrack to my life.

The soundtrack to my life

Trying to choose five songs that have kept me sane over the weeks is a tricky task, my music library has over 20,000 *ahem* legal tracks and as a result of the choice spend more time skipping songs than listening to them. Still, I think the following five pretty much sum up how I’ve been feeling this week.

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GeekErgoSum: A music review

In which I review this site by looking at some influences.

It is hard to categorise this site sometimes, it’s partly the reason I am half way through retagging and recategorising everything on here. The noise it makes it not harmonious and is often discordant.

You would expect a piece such as Geek Ergo Sum to have a theme, an underlying harmony, but instead it seems to be a random collection of hits. And by hits it is more like the discarded B-Sides from pieces that never made the Top 40.

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Wanting to play the piano

In which I wonder if I’ll be able to play the piano?

Skills are different from abilities, you have to work at them to achieve anything. Someone (Usain Bolt) may be born with the ability to run really fast, but no one ever just sat in front of a keyboard and wrote a critically acclaimed book. To be skilled in something you have to work at your craft until it appears as though it is an ability.

Look at The Beatles, the fact they appeared on the music scene with this amazing ability to write hit after hit ignores the fact that they spent many hard years honing their skills in bars in Hamburg and Liverpool.

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I love rock and/or roll

In which I rock and or roll.

Last night I watched Rock of Ages and it’s not an awful movie by any means, Tom Cruise is pretty good at what I imagine is someone high on thetans, but what really made it was the music. It was 80’s hair band-tastic.

The trend for Jukebox Musicals has given us Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You and I’m sure one based on Milli Vanilli. It seems that Rock of Ages is based upon the CD that get’s advertised every Father’s Day, the “Greatest Rock Guitar Riff Album in the World Ever III” and although the story is a load of turgid nonsense its soundtrack is amazing. What is it about rock and roll that gets feet tapping and starts a furtive rummaging for a lighter?

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Music for dads

In which I get down to some 80s Dad music.

Our home is a quiet home, the television may be on but the house is not bouncing away to any particular tune. I enjoy music but it is not on in the background, in fact I have only recently started to plug in my speakers while I cook dinner.

It’s unsurprising really as I didn’t grow up in a melodic household. Sure we had a record player but the needle was not really used. So it is hard to recall the music of my youth.

Still I know there were a few tunes that have stuck with me, I can tell this from those artists that are part of the guilty pleasures mix on Spotify.

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A birthday playlist

In which I find my music from my birthday number ones.

The music when I was born was depressing, it was either the theme from M*A*S*H or don McLean’s crying. Not an entirely auspicious start, although whether the music was for me or the world is still up for discussion (on a brighter note Funkytown was number one in the US).

Throughout my life the number one popular music hit has been a pretty good barometer of my life, I’ve been lucky that I have been blessed that the top of the charts on my birthday has also been a classic. To prove the point I have a Spotify list already assembled (find me at I’m busy moving from iTunes).

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A playlist for my life

In which I make a mixtape of me.

How do I choose a playlist of my life? I have a flexible arrangement with music, I listen to it but don’t really pay much attention to what it’s saying (and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would say I do the same with them) so I can barely remember what tracks were playing during various parts of my life.

So if I was to try and create a mix tape that acts as a audio-biography I’m going to struggle. So struggle I shall, I’m going to pick six tracks which say something about me and try and sum up me in around 30 minutes of music.
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