Not being allowed to do dangerous things

In which I have people looking out for me to not do anything stupid.

I’m going to be doing a parachute jump!

There are fewer phrases I am likely to say than this, with possibly the exception of “I’m going to space”. I’ve been banned from doing cool, I mean stupidly dangerous, stuff in my life because death.

There is every chance that if I do something life limiting or threatening then my major concern will not be broken bones but the disapproval of my family. I have a ban on anything that involves falling.

So to try anything extraordinary I need to be surrounded by strangers.

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Life on the sofa

In which I look through the square window.

An annoying habit of Mine and Mrs G’s is window browsing, and in this we are not sure we are alone. For those with no idea what I’m referring to it’s the act of nosing into other people’s living rooms as you drive by. At this time of year it is super easy because a lot of people will have the lights on but the curtains open.

I’ll try to imagine what is happening in each front room and I’m curious to the live’s that are being led behind the glass and it’s the reason I insist on drawing our curtains, to keep prying eyes out.

So what would it be like to be a stranger to peek in and see a couple sitting on our sofa?

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Moving from New York to Coventry

In which I wish I could sleep in the city that never does.

In the beginning we weren’t going to be here, I should have been writing this on a keyboard without a £ symbol and having to work out the date in the wrong format. When Me and Mrs G first started a’courting we planned to live in New York.

As I now sit opposite an industrial estate in the Midlands and not gazing on the Brooklyn Bridge (like we could afford those rents) it is evident that plan failed. Still even if we can’t live in New York part of my heart is there already.

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Day seizing

In which Mrs G advises us all to Carpe some days.

It has been a little tense at Casa de Geek this past weekend, a number of factors has caused emotions to be a little frayed. It began when we sent our car off to have it’s annual inspection and the results came back fairly terminal. Rather than spending more money than it was worth on trying to make it roadworthy we decided to get rid of the vehicular money pit.

Added to this was the visit of Nana G from New York, not that she was a cause of any badness because she wasn’t but because it is a reminder to Mrs G of what she left behind in America to come and live here with me.

It was also half term so we got to spend extra time with The Feliciraptor but now we are both back at work it means less time with the ball of personality. All in all it has felt a little glum. Looking back though these ‘bad times’ are nowhere near being the ‘worst times’.

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Tempest Tossed

In which I rave about Mrs G’s play.

I’m not keen on “feels” in my media, I’m looking to be entertained like a Roman emperor watching a gladiator fight for vengeance. So watching the latest (and first) play by Caroline C Chattaway which talks about how it feels to be an immigrant I should be a bit wary.

We all know the story of the Titanic, and although the sinking of the great liner features on the poster this isn’t about the night with the iceberg. Instead this play is about the kind of person who would have been on that fateful voyage, those who left their lives in Europe to start anew in America. Tempest Tossed is about the people who did arrive, and how the dream turned out.

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Ready for your close-up

In which I am ready for my close up Mr DeMille.

Good news everybody, the movie of my life is being greenlit and moving into pre-production! Now I know the reviews are already in but it’s very exciting that I’m finally going to be able to release the filmic adaptation of my existence.

Even if it stinks it’s still better than any Adam Sandler movie.

This is still very hot news off the press but I can finally reveal the cast list for Geek Ergo Sum : The Movie.
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Sonnet of life

In which I write a sonnet to my happy life.

Life in Casa G is a little strange at the moment. The Feliciraptor is away and life all of a sudden seems very different, as though this is what it would be like if she wasn’t around all the time. Added to this I work in the centre of Birmingham so get to think about when I lived there as a bachelor. It is strange to think that my life could have quite easily have been very different.

After having a few painful failures at trying to make changes to my life I finally found the right combination of people and time to make a big difference. In my old life I would have been looking forward to a weekend playing Rock Band 4 by myself, instead I am going with my wife to London and looking forward to my daughter returning from holiday.

That’s a pretty good life to be thinking about.

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Morning faces

In which I try to get up.

Mornings are hard, I have so much to do it can be a stretch to get out of bed. In my bachelor days all in had to achieve pre-work was getting dressed. Now I have a list of tasks to get done.

Despite having to get up earlier than ever I have the best reasons to do so. When I was single I was wondering what the purpose of working and making money was. Now I have those who I wake up to in my life it is clear why.

I do the morning because it is hard, but the rewards are great. It is the smile on their face that what I do gives us a good life, and a life worth that early morning alarm call.

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Motivating my wife

In which I try to get Mrs G going.

I used this blog as a threat last night. Granted that is like standing in front of 300 Spartans with a stick of rhubarb and accusing them of looking a bit small in their speedos, if I was going to threaten someone with this blog the only way to make it menacing is to use the computer I write as a cudgel.

Thankfully I wasn’t going to use it in a violent way, I am a man of peace and a leaf on the wind. It was an attempt to get someone to write. She knows who she is…it’s Mrs G so now you know as well (I don’t believe in keeping secrets). She would like to be a writer, and I would like that as well. At last count JK Rowling was worth a billion dollars and that’s nothing to sniff at. She spends a lot of time tapping away at a keyboard but as I had to get up in the morning and go to work the New York Times bestseller list has yet to be threatened
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Losing my wicket

In which I gave up the chance to watch the cricket for New York.

I surprised Mrs G last night with the announcement that I was going to take her to see the stage version of that Les Miseryables movie. She is very excited to see this for the 35th time (and I’m not kidding, she has seen it that many times…or maybe more). As well as being excited she was also a little sad because, in her words:

I never remember to do this kind of thing for you. (Or something along these lines…it was late).

She does though, it’s just the last time she made such a gesture we weren’t able to follow through on it. For Christmas she got me tickets to watch the cricket in Birmingham, it would have been my first time at an Ashes test but in the end I didn’t go. It was within reach, and I took it away.

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