Not worth the paper it’s printed on

In which all I want is a piece of paper with lots of zeroes on.

How quickly can your life change, could a piece of paper on the pavement hold the key to an immediate transformation in your fortunes? What would it need to say to be able to do so?

It’s very rare that an event happens that completely changes your life, perhaps meeting the love of your life or having a child, but these are often big physical moments. For a piece of paper to be able to have such an effect, especially a slip found completely at random, can only mean one thing.

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Saving Money Expert

In which I try and teach you to watch the pennies.

I’m no saving money expert, nor am I FSA regulated, so I am not sure how helpful I can be to help you, the 99%, survive in this downturn economy (if you are reading this from the UK welcome to the double dip recession).

In reality saving money is easy. Don’t spend it and your money, like Mr Benn’s shopkeeper, will magically appeal. The problem is that the economy is measured by looking at how much stuff has been bought. If no one buys anything we end up with the recession we are in at the moment. I guess what I’m saying is that to save money you should spend it and then we’ll all be better off.

You may not have much spare cash, so what can you do to make your money go further? Well here is the GeekErgoSum solution to your cashflow woes.

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Life is like a hurricane

In which a sudden windfall burns a hole in my pocket.

My current available balance is £10,000,000,000.00. I had just won a billion pounds in the lottery but when you are rich it is very easy to become super rich. So thanks to accountants and tax havens I have been able to increase my wealth ten times.

Now I’m basically Scrooge McDuck, but without the huge pool of gold that is impossible to swim in. I mean the weight of the coins would crush you.

So what would I do with my sudden cash windfall? Let me think about my life as a newly minted billionaire….

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