Remembering my past

In which I try to remember my memories.

It seems like ages since I was last in New York, but it hasn’t been. It is just that I have a terrible visual memory.

I seem to live very much in the present, I don’t really consider the future that much and  my past recall is not very vivid. One of my most common refrains at work is “I’ve slept since I did that”, it is like when I go to bed I do a format on my brain which deletes all the thoughts collected that day.

My factual memory is fantastic, I was doing a quiz with Mrs G last night on famous ships and was able to remember the name of most of them. One of which was the Great Eastern that we both saw last year in Bristol, I can remember all the facts about that trip but I don’t remember being there.

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My digital photo albums

In which I have thousands of photos that I never look at.

I’ve spent way too long curating my digital photo albums. It’s not as though I am a prolific photographer, but having a camera on hand for any given moment allows me to accumulate images at a fantastic pace.

The largest album was from a New York trip from the pre-Mrs G days, with over 800 photos of various Gotham landmarks. If there is an angle of the Chrysler Building I don’t have a digital recording of then it doesn’t really exist.

I have all these photos but the sad thing is I never really look at any of them, they are all disposable snapshots of a moment in time that I missed because I was looking to capture it.

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