Lunchtime Review : Kebab Meat and Chips

In which I eat daytime kebab.

The Menu.

Ingredients: Mixed kebab meat and chips

Preparation: From the local kebab house

Cost: £3.90 (and six weeks of life expectancy).


Some people eat chocolate, others ice cream, but when I get frazzled I need to have something greasy like chips to make me feel better. Dealing with immigration services has certainly taken the vim from my step so off to the kebab shop it is.
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Lunchtime review : Airplane Food

In which it’s chicken or fish.

I am hungry.

I’m hungry at 29,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. I have 3 hours before I land and then an hours queue through customs before I can even think about feeding myself with some aging sandwich.

This is because I am currently experiencing that feeling anyone who travels by air feels at some point, the pangs that come with being unable to eat the unpalatable concoctions that will be placed in front of you by a gurning stewardess who wants to know do you want disgusting Dish A or Dish B? It’s the hard or rock place choice of inflight food.


When Jean Valjean says “If I speak I am condemned, if I stay silent I am damned” I can’t help put feel this is how most think when presented with the sealed foil containers on a tray. Do I condemn my stomach to a mushy orange lump, or stay silent and damn myself to hunger?

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