Online privacy is your problem

In which the data you give out is your data to protect.

Depending on who you ask cookies are either essential to the operation of the internet, or the most evil thing that has ever been created because of privacy…PRRRRIIIIIVVVVACCCCCYY…issues. This always surprises me because nobody else spends money trying to track us, thankfully all those payments on our cards or CCTV cameras aren’t keeping an eye on us. I really struggle with what the issue is here. A lot of companies and websites make their money through advertising, and better knowledge of their customers means better sales (and ads) and means they keep their marketing costs down. We live in a society which demands that the web is free (both financially and politically) yet do not want in any way to pay for it. Can you do without the internet, and you know live like they used to do in 1995?

Will I be changing my privacy settings? Unlikely. Most of the data is anonymous, and let’s be honest most of us are lackadaisical with our privacy anyway. Unless you are in living in a dictatorship there are not evil conspirators using your data for nefarious means, and if you were under one of these regimes then targeted advertisements is the least of your privacy concerns.

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The Great British Republic

In which I’m inclined to remove the yoke.

I have an issue with the Royal Family. I’m sure as people they are perfectly nice, even casually racist Phil or politically-meddling organic Charlie, it’s just the institution they represent is an archaic throwback to olden times.

As a nation we have our next three heads of state planned out for us. Imagine any other country who was so certain of the line of succession, how could they call themselves a modern democracy. Instead of questioning this embarrassment of a political system we fawn over their babies as if it they are the second coming. Instead of worshipping the aristocracy it is now time to think about abolishing the monarchy.

The whole saga of “Britain’s next Baby” (aka Will Sprog II) has finally tipped the scales, we cannot go around the world preaching the democracy of a General Election when we don’t even elect our Head of State. You might think that it is cute we have a monarch, but it is to them that the police, our judiciary, our army and our parliament pledge allegiance to. The instruments of security and law are not beholden to the wishes of the people but to a family who inherited their power. Continue reading “The Great British Republic”