Being constantly online

In which I spend an age online explaining why I am online so much.

My life is becoming ever increasingly connected. I now have a smart watch that will tell me when I get a notification on my phone when people respond to something I posted on my computer.

Whenever a live event is on then I will be on Facebook and Twitter as well as following live blogs.  I try to switch off from the Internet to just sit and watch but realise I’m more interested in what I was missing out on online, when did real life just become a way of generating content for status updates?

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Late Review : Les Miserables

In which I’ll hear the people sing.

Dum dum dum dum dum de dum dum dum pa pa pa pa papapaaaa…At the End of the Day you’re another day older.

People will be heard singing, a lot of women will cry and there is a higher death count than a ninth episode of Game of Thrones; so goes Les Miserables the movie. Being stuck inside the movie means that you are going to have to deal with a lot of crazy than is not really in the stage show (although it is just as long as the novel adaptation of the film).

It is a world full of people staring and constantly getting new hats. So many hats and so much staring.

We arrive in the aftermath of Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jean VanWolverine is helping what I assume is the other X-Men to pull in a big ship into the dock. Everyone is singing and getting a bit wet and it all looks a bit unsafe. Keeping an eye on stuff is Maximus Decimus Javert, who seems to be looking very vengeful and rocking a pretty cool hat.

Les Miserables Javert wearing a hat
It may look like a night cap but it’s a ‘No Mercy’ hat really.

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