My boring life

In which the boring can be interesting.

If you believed the news then the world is full of change and we are all on the cusp of some crisis affecting the status quo of our lives. In reality I got up this morning, went to work, sat through a load of meetings, and caught the train to go home.Tonight I will face the hardest choice of the day when I have to decide where I will order a take away from.

I am one of 7 billion people on this planet, and if the news affects a million different people a day then it will have an impact on me once every 19 years. This is the reality of real life, for most of us for most of the time it is mundane. As a result we have an existence that is hidden in the middle pages, or a segment just before that quirky animal at the end of the hour. We are page 27 or on at 15.53.

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Everybody is angry

In which I read the local papers and find the same stories.

A GROUP of people are really angry and have promised that if things don’t change then they’ll only get angrier.

The group consisting mostly of people who are very similar to each other have expressed there displeasure at the way things are and have vowed to change things.

They have called for everyone to return to an arbitrary time from the past when things were better because everyone had less opinions that differed from their own and have decided that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy.

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