I can see clearer now

In which the worst thing to happen to me becomes the best.

I’m currently sorting through my old paperwork and in amongst the details of my mortgage and tax statements I have invoices for old cars and instructions for TVs that I no longer have. Yet I also rediscovered one of the most important letters I have ever received, my termination of employment from a certain opticians*.

It would seem odd to be happy to find a letter that says you are no longer wanted, and at the time there was some bitterness about it, but like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park life found a way and I now realise it was one of the best things ever to happen to me. This isn’t one of those thoughts I have while crying into a glass of scotch trying to convince myself it was good, but a genuine belief that being discarded by them gave me a helping hand to have  a better life. I owe them a certain amount of thanks for how my life has turned out since then.

They have also given me a benchmark for how bad life can be, and it allows me to see the same in others. No job is worth your mental health and as the opposite of the saying goes, what goes down must come up. Even when I start to feel a low in life coming on I remember that the important thing is to bounce.
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I’m just a jealous guy

In which I write letters to those I wish I was.

I don’t get very jealous, I am quite content with what I have. There may be times when I’m a tiny bit envious of someone but I’m lucky to be in a position where I can normally have the things I covet. I’m not saying I’m not jealous of anyone who drives a classic Ferrari, it would be great to have one, but my fiesta does get me from A to B and without the crazy insurance bracket.

There are a few people I wish I could be, although I’m not ready to give up my current life to do so. I also realise that they got where they are and have what they have through their own hard work. So here are my open letters to those lucky few:
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